Monday, March 9, 2009

Sew - you want to be a designer?

Sew You Want to Be a Designer?
Designer - An artisan who combines elements of design following principles of design to create a personal interpretation of an object or a style.

By this definition, anyone who chooses patterns and fabric to cut and sew an attractive and functional garment is a designer. It doesn’t matter whether she or he works in the fashion industry or whether they sew for profit or pleasure.

If you are a recreational home sewer, then you no doubt are a recreational fashion designer. Most people who buy patterns styled by other people give the design credit to the others. When you purchase, cut and sew a “designer” pattern, what you are likely to get is that designer’s interpretation of the style with special attention to the cut of a garment which will affecr how it fits you. Unless you use the same fabric in the same colours, then you are the one who pulls it together - the designer.

Whether you sew for profit or for pleasure, you really should be altering patterns, not garments. Your best tool for this purpose is a good Fit-FIRST System of Personal Patternmaking.

That’s where patternmaking software comes in. Personal patternmaking software and fitting systems enable you to create personal basic patterns called fitters, or basics or slopers. You can use your personal slopers or fitters for styling new personal patterns and altering other patterns to fit. As soon as you fine-tune the fit of a personal sloper so that it looks good and feels comfortable, you can use it as your own personal fitting tool.

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